On our way down from 5000 meters

What an amazing journey this has been. Not much air above 15,000 feet but the beauty of being surrounded by 28,000 foot peaks full of glaciers made the climb simply incredible. We all hit our own walls and just 8 our if 15 of us made it to Tilicho lake. As someone said, the top is wherever we define it to be. Most importantly, we are all safe and on our way down.

Thanks – Louis

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Safely in Chame, Manang, Nepal

From Emma:
Today is our 4th day of trekking. We are at about 8690 feet and it is finally cold enough to wear puffy jackets and warm hats. Tomorrow we will be above 10 thousand feet. We are loving the chai and sometimes enjoying the dhal bhat. Everyone is happy and healthy. We are bonding as a group and connecting with the local culture and people. Right now we are enjoying some apple fritters which, as it turns out, means deep fried apple slices. We love and miss all of our families and hope all is going well at home.